Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is one of tourist destinations located within Southern Tourist circuit of Tanzania. It is located about 200kms south of dare s salaam.

Selous game reserve has an area of approximately 50000 sq kms, largest game reserve in Africa. Selous has international importance hence designated as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Great Tourist attractive feature is Rufiji River. Wildlife Safaris and photographic tours are feasible in northern part of Selous because of its beauty scenery and rich in wildlife.

Apart from wildlife viewing tours, walking safaris, boat safaris are organized in natural designed trails and Boat safari in Rufiji River.

Selous has a lot of large mammals like buffaloes, elephants, wildebeest, wild dogs e.t.c as well as lots of bird species.

Best time for wildlife safaris in Selous is dry season. The dry season sets in during June to November and is the best time for game viewing along the rivers. Also December to February is also best.

Lodges and camps are available in different level of standard and budget