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When you seize the opportunity to travel abroad, you ignite an exclusive journey of discovering new worlds. You open yourself up to uninterrupted relaxation, capturing unique moments along every step of the way.


Chabo Africa Adventure is a Tour Company Based in Iringa (South Tanzania). We grew out of the local community and specialize in trips to the beautiful, unspoilt and unknown region of southern Tanzania. We provide safaris and adventures to many exciting destinations like Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park, The Udzungwas, Katavi National Park, Kitulo etc (known as the Southern Circuit). We can also take you to the better known Parks in the North of Tanzania like Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, to hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and to Malawi and Mozambique. Our highly personalized safaris and treks offer a unique window into the landscape, wildlife and culture of Tanzania.

Whether looking for a special Safari or a trek to Africa’s highest peak, we will work with you to create unforgettable adventures. Our Safari and mountain guides have at least seven years experience. We organise the full tour including transport, accommodation, guide, cooks and porters.

Talk to us about your Tanzanian dream. If you want a luxury Safari, a hike up the Kilimanjaro or a budget camping Safari we will make it come true. We are represented on

Over 90% of all quality safaris to Tanzania are arranged through a specialist travel service such as ours. Many of our guests are unfamiliar with this way of building trips, so in this section we run through the basics of how it all works.

In summary, you get in touch, provide us with even the smallest hint of what you fancy doing in Africa and off we go, heading smartly off towards your ideal trip. It really is very easy, so much so that you will probably end up wishing we could arrange all your travel ...

The price of your trip will obviously be determined on how long you want to travel, what time of year you want to travel and where you want to visit. But perhaps the biggest variation is caused by the level of accommodation you choose. In most areas we are able to offer a range from simple guest-houses to very upmarket lodges, where the latter can be as much as ten times the price of the former.

For a week safari in prime areas, a sensible starting budget might be USD 2000 per person, excluding international flights.

The bottom line is that if you give us a budget, we will do everything we can to build the best possible trip within that range. All of the sample trips that we generate will be fully itemised, so you can see exactly where you money is going and we will always point out to you where you should maybe deploy more funds or where you could trim back without significantly impeding the quality of the trip.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with the amount of money your are spending. We will never try to push you out of your comfort zone and we will most definitely never try to milk you for extra profit, our system simply doesn't allow for that.




Tour organiser and Guide

Serafino Lanzi


Salum Mdemu


Alphonce KiHwelE




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