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When you seize the opportunity to travel abroad, you ignite an exclusive journey of discovering new worlds. You open yourself up to uninterrupted relaxation, capturing unique moments along every step of the way.




Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park
Enjoy early morning breakfast then proceed to Lake Manyara for game viewing with your expert guide.
This Park is a national park two hours west of Arusha. The majority of the land area of the park is a narrow strip running between the Gregory Rift wall to the west and Lake Manyara, an alkaline or soda-lake, to the east. It is famous for its population of flamingos.
Lake Manyara flamingo
Lake Manyara is used as an alternate or extension to Ngorongoro, located just outside the conservation area gate. Guests can sightsee in two completely different temperate zones only 90 minutes apart. From soaring groundwater forests and a tranquil lake, to the mountain escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park boasts an incredible wealth of habitats and diverse African wildlife.

After dinner, you have the option to do a night game drive where you can see nocturnal animals such as civets, genets, aardvarks, bush babies and various night birds. (Optional Activity: US$125 per person, inclusive of Tanzania National Park night game drive fees.)

Accommodation: Ol Mesera Tented Camp
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lake Manyara to Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation Area)
Enjoy early breakfast then depart for game drives in Ndutu with your expert guide. The Ndutu area and southern Serengeti are the best place to be from December to March for the annual wildebeest migration.
Serengeti migration calving season Tanzania safari
Accommodation: Ndutu Safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ndutu to Serengeti National Park
Early morning breakfast then depart for a morning game drive in Ndutu, before proceeding to the Serengeti with your expert guide. February is the peak of the calving season. Predators are always close-by to watch the weak and the careless.
Serengeti lions prey on animals
Accommodation: Kati Kati Tented Camp
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Full day in the Serengeti National Park
Leisurely breakfast then depart for a full day of game drives in the Serengeti. Focus on a safari in the Northern Tanzania circuit during this season should be on the Serengeti southern short grass plains and Ngorongoro eco-system. The annual wildebeest migration arrives on these plains from December onwards.

It is here where they congregate and give birth to thousands of calves in February and March. These mineral rich plains are where the great herds stay for as long as feeding permits. Apparently the iron and zinc found in the fodder of these plains is what the wildebeest are after.

The movement of almost two million wild animals is the driving force of the ecology of most of the Serengeti eco-system. Predators follow these herds like sharks following a shoal of fish. Great wildlife viewing is guaranteed because the young animals make easy prey.

Spend your day in this park with “plains that never end”.
Accommodation: Kati Kati Tented Camp
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater Rim
Enjoy morning game drive in central and southern Serengeti then drive toward Ngorongoro Crater rim via Olduvai Gorge.
You can have an optional stop in the Olduvai area, where the homonid and other significant archaeological discoveries have been made. (Optional activity: fees extra.)
Ngorongoro highlands Tanzania culture tour Olduvai Gorge

You can also visit a Maasai Village in the Olduvai area. (Optional activity: fees extra.) The Maasai people who inhabit Kenya and northern Tanzania are semi-nomadic. Traditionally, they were pastoralists famous for their fearsome reputations as warriors and cattle-rustlers. You can spend some time interacting with the villagers and learn about their lifestyle and culture.
Ngorongoro highlands Tanzania culture tour Maasai tribe

In late afternoon, proceed to your lodge located on the crater rim for relaxation and overnight stay. The world-famous Ngorongoro Crater is at the eastern edge of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. Nearly three million years old, the ancient caldera of the once-volcanic Ngorongoro shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens on earth, ringed with towering walls and sheltering forests, grasslands, fresh springs and a large soda lake.
Ngorongoro Crater rim view Tanzania safari UNESCO world heritage site
Accommodation: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha
Leave very early in the morning for game viewing in Ngorongoro Crater. Descend into the Ngorongoro caldera to view the wildlife on the crater floor. The Ngorongoro Crater is often called “Africa’s Eden” and the “8th Natural Wonder of the World”.
Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania lion hunt
A massive extinct volcano, the sheet walls drop thousands of feet to a “Noah’s Ark” of animals on the verdant floor below. Large herds of zebra, buffalo, antelope and wildebeest graze nearby while sleeping lions laze in the sun. At dawn, the endangered black rhino returns to the thick cover of the crater forests after grazing on dew-laden grass in the morning mist.

Leave the crater late afternoon and drive back to Arusha for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: The African Tulip Hotel
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch

Arusha to Zanzibar
After a leisurely breakfast, you can go for an optional tour around Arusha town to visit the Maasai Market, Cultural Heritage, Arusha Museum of Natural History, curio shops, or the Tanzanite Experience before transfer to Arusha Airport (ARK) for your flight to Zanzibar (ZNZ).
Zanzibar Z hotel beach
On arrival, you will be met and transferred to your beach hotel in Nungwi.
Accommodation: The Z Hotel (Ocean View Suite)
Meal plan: Breakfast

Full day at Zanzibar
The outstanding corals of Zanzibar snorkelling offer a stunning experience for every snorkeler on a holiday in Zanzibar, regarded among the best in the world; Zanzibar snorkelling and diving areas will thrill you and give you an unforgettable holiday to Zanzibar. More than 350 different fish spices are recorded here alone, and most of the reefs are covered in beautiful hard and soft coral.
Zanzibar snorkeling and diving
Accommodation: The Z Hotel (Ocean View Suite)
Meal plan: Breakfast

Full day at Zanzibar
Nungwi is located at the northern tip of Zanzibar. A 20-minutes stroll from the hotel along the beach will land you in the small fishing village of Nungwi. You will find the natural aquarium (home to sea turtles), a boat building yard and the fish market.
Zanzibar sunset dhow cruise
The best way to round off the day is to go on a sunset cruise and experience the calming sensation of sailing in a dhow.
Accommodation: The Z Hotel (Ocean View Suite)
Meal plan: Breakfast

Zanzibar: Nungwi to Stone Town
The largest town in the archipelago, Stone Town was named for the coral stone buildings that were built there largely during the 19th century, on the site of a very old fishing village. It is a fine example of the Swahili coastal trading towns of East Africa, containing elements of the cultures of Africa, the Arab region, India as well as European influence over the past millennium.
Zanzibar Stone Town spice tour
The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, curry leaves, lemon grass, turmeric, cumin and coriander seeds that make this island famous. Take an optional tour at a spice plantation in the morning, and go for a self-guided walk in the historical Stone Town in the afternoon.
Accommodation: Kisiwa House (Junior Suite)
Meal plan: Breakfast



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